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Action Games

Action games is a name given to a genre of video games that incorporates physical challenges such as hand-eye coordination and reaction time with a realistic-style game play.

Action games is the branch of gaming that has given way for the subgenres fighting games, shooter games and platform games and many can be played as free online games.

Typically the gamer will take control of the avatar of a protagonist in an action game in order to navigate a level whilst collecting objects, avoiding obstacles and fighting antagonists.

Generally within action games the player will need to defeat a “boss” enemy, which is larger and more challenging than the other enemies you encounter throughout the game.

As an antagonist attacks the avatar, the avatar's health depletes often with the resulting loss of a “life”. The game ends when the player finishes all of the levels, however there are a number of action games that have no end but rather rely upon the player maximising their score.

Online Action Games

There are a number of websites on the internet that offer you the opportunity to play action games online without the need for installation or purchase.

Often user-created with basic graphics and gameplay, these free online action games are considered to be quite addictive from the intermediate to advanced gamers.

Generally these online action games are played solo with your score being published on a scoreboard that online gamers from across the world can see. There are literally millions of different online action games available, with frequent charts of the most popular and highest rated online action games.

First-Person Shooter Games Online

Throughout the nineties online games began to move away from LAN protocols to TCP/IP protocol. With this change was the release of the popular game Doom, a first-person shooter action game that could be played online as a “deathmatch” situation.

This is where multiple players battle over an internet connection head-to-head until there is a winner. Since this many action games have been released with a deathmatch option that can be accessed online. Popular action games featuring this include Halo, Unreal Tournament and, perhaps the most talked about, Call of Duty series.

Features on these action games include he ability to talk via “teamspeak” to organise strategies or to simply antagonise other players. People become increasingly engaged in these types of action game and as a result there has been a lot of controversy into whether or not they have a negative influence on children.

However it has been proven by scientists at the University of Rochester that eyesight shows a 20% improvement in those who play first-person shooters as opposed to games such as Tetris.

Games Console and PC Online Action Games

With the revolutionary features of the Xbox 360 and Playtation 3 consoles that offer gamers the chance to play on their console against players from across the world via an internet connection, online features in action games are becoming increasingly popular.

Games such as Uncharted, Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption offer players the additional feature of being able to play against other players online in a multiplayer free-roam style.

Other action games such as Age of Empires and Civilisation are another form of online strategy action games, where players can fight against each other to dominate the stages. These types of games have opened up a niche in the market where people can purchase additional content or earn extra features for the main game.

World Of Warcraft

Perhaps the most popular and top grossing of the action games on the internet, World of Warcraft (or WoW) is a fantasy massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that allows players to create their own avatar and participate in “raids” and “instances” with other players from across the world fighting off a series of enemies until they reach a boss.

WoW allows this content via a monthly subscription fee and with 11.5 million subscriptions there are a lot of people playing. It is because of this that the game has earned a place in the Guinness World Records for the most popular MMORPG by subscribers.

With the game expanding on a regular basis WoW dominates 62% of the MMORPG subscribers and is arguably one of the most successful action games of all time.

Online Fighting Games

Amongst the many subgenres involved in action games includes fighting games. Available on the majority of games consoles and PCs, some of the most popular fighting games have included Dead or Alive, Virtual Fighter, Street Fighter and Tekken, amongst others and are often two-player.

Games such as this involve the selection of a character then there is a stage of combat with a “best out of three” outcome. These games are perhaps the easiest to play online and are consistently popular amongst gamers.

Subgenres In Action Games

Action games in general is a term that can be given to a huge amount of different games available. There are several major subgenres involved in the action game classification. Out of those not mentioned previously, these include:

Beat ‘em ups: a type of game that involves a side-scrolling stage of enemies the player must fight through using close-range fighting techniques, e.g. Streets of Rage.

Maze games: i.e. Pac-Man were a player must navigate an icon around a maze with the goal of avoiding or chasing enemies.

Platform games: these involve jumping between different height platforms whilst battling adversaries and avoiding obstacles. In these action games the gameplay is less realistic and include examples such as the Mario series.

Rhythm action games: these games challenge the player's rhythm and award points for pressing buttons in sync with a beat.

The Future of Action Games

Action games have enjoyed a hugely successful following since the first action game Space Invaders, which was released in 1978. As the genre encompasses so many types of game, it appears that action games will always dominate the market.

With advances in technology action games will also evolve, becoming more complex and interesting and with more online content. Whatever the future of action games, you can be guaranteed they will always lead the way in excellent gameplay.